What I Do

At first glance, it may appear as though my different brands are all over the place, without rhyme or reason. Contraire mon fraire! They all have their foundation in, and help people to achieve one very important outcome. Greater influence.

Whether you’re building a successful career, team of employees, stepping out on your own to chase your entrepreneurial dreams, or learning to be the most effective student leader you can be, I’ve got you covered. Oh, and if you love the beach like I do, we can schedule a live event, for any of these brands, at your favorite beach resort destination or mine. Hence, Beach Retreat Seminars™.- Duane

Version 2

Corporate training, as we’ve come to know it, is dead! That’s right, DEAD! All that the large and small training companies out there are doing is reinforcing the status quo – empowering average. Sure, they sell companies the promise of change, growth and transformation, but when all is said and done, all they are providing is rebranded, repackaged garbage that the motivational and personal development gurus have been professing since the 1980’s.

 I created Influence Seminars to shake up the status quo and challenge the currently accepted best practices in corporate culture. I offer a refreshing and diversified perspective on what makes Leadership, Management, Sales, Negotiations, Presentation Skills, Communication and the Customers Experience, work together to create authentic, genuine and comprehensive Influence.

When you work with me, you get a consistent experience that medium and large training companies simply can’t duplicate with their stable of underpaid, undervalued contract training force. Every event I deliver is fun, engaging, entertaining, relevant, practical and, most importantly, gets you and your team immediate measurable results!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: I guarantee that you will have the absolute best training experience you’ve ever had, or you won’t pay me a dime. Schedule your live training, workshop or seminars today at www.InfluenceSeminars.com


This is  fun, laid-back version of my corporate training and seminar brand. I offer the very same topics as I do with Influence Seminars, woven into a team building vibe, held at your favorite beach resort (or mine), to create a learning experience that in fun, relaxing, enjoyable and extremely valuable. Research and my own personal observation, after 7 years of training and developing small business employees, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and business people across multiple industries, has revealed that people engage, absorb, retain and apply more of what they learn when they step away from the challenges and demands of their day to day.

We’ll even take the hassle of planning an event/getaway like this off  of your plate if you’d like. I have a team dedicated to planning and coordinating our retreats, and they’ll take it from soup to nuts. All you and your people do is show up, relax, and enjoy your retreat. This is idea if your holding and annual sales or team meeting, doing an executive retreat, or just rewarding your employees for an extraordinary year.

Learn more at Beach Retreat Seminars


Looking out from Landshark Landing

cropped-e1c48537-36aa-4cf5-aceb-fd90ddf8af2c.jpgBased on my best selling book, Write Your Own Ticket, I’ve created an online course, coaching program and host live events where I help entrepreneurs and individuals who want to make their living doing work they love, design the life they deserve, on their own terms.

If you believe that life should be more than an 8-5 grind of mindless grunt work, as a willing replaceable participant in another man’s dream, and want to make a significant contribution, impact and difference in the world, I wan to  work with you!

This doesn’t mean you can’t be fulfilled working for someone else, it just means you need to find you dream job so you can serve your employer at the highest level. Get started on your journey to the Write Your Own Ticket lifestyle by grabbing a free digital copy my book by completing the form on the right hand side of this page.


Empowering leadership and team building in the marching band and drum corp communities. As a five time drum major and six time student leader in this space, I was inspired by the legendary Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser to answer the call of leadership. In fact, the vision for my entire life and career path was casts while attending one of Dr. Tim’s events, when I was just 16 years old.

I serve this community through my live seminars and Band Leadership Online™ course that both teach students marching band and drum corps members to work more effectively together as a team and answer the call to servant leadership. To learn more, please visit my Band Leadership Seminars website.